Wow! It’s Been a While!

Yep! So much has changed since the last time I updated this blog. We have a new home, a new logo and a new dedication to almost exclusively the sale of pre-owned records!

I won’t go into the who’s, the where’s and the why’s but needless to say in ‘Not Just Vintage’ down at 136 Oxton Road in Birkenhead, this lost dog has found its new home. NJV is like a mecca for all things quirky, just like our beagle and since putting down roots there business has boomed!

We have so many new, regular customers and plans in the very near future (lockdown ending depending) to take our business up a notch by expanding the unit inside NJV and begin offering an availability of online stock!

As always, our stock prices will remain reasonable and we will always be putting the record buying experience at the top of our list.